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Perché iniziare a praticare Yoga e perché non potrai più farne a meno

Why start practicing Yoga and why you won't be able to do without it anymore

Why start practicing Yoga and why you won't be able to do without it anymore:

  • Yoga is a complete discipline for which in addition to the benefits of physical exercise, already after the first lesson, you will appreciate a general state of psycho-physical well-being
  • Practicing Yoga guarantees correct posture and keeps the spine healthy. The sedentary life and the lack of body awareness brings various discomforts on a physical level (such as pain and inflammation) and mental (such as lack of concentration and difficulty in relaxing), for this it is necessary to practice, practice, practice. As Joseph Pilates said it says “you six much as young as he is flexible the your spine“.
  • By practicing Yoga consistently, your body will be more toned and more flexible
  • When you practice Yoga the people around you notice it and ask you “what did you do? I see you divers * ”, this happens because your energy changes, your mood is more sunny and you become more receptive and assertive.
  • Practicing Yoga helps keep you young and active, with more life force, more enthusiasm and more creativity.
  • Practicing Yoga increases the ability to breathe better and relax. Being relaxed means living in the present moment with our whole being to the best of our potential

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