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Allenamento all’aperto: 4 consigli

Outdoor training: 4 tips

Outdoor training: 4 tips

1. Protect yourself from moisture

The quickest way to lose body heat is to get wet. So it's important to protect yourself from humidity, as well as from the cold itself, if you don't want to risk getting cold.

2. Dress in layers

You need layers to trap warm air close to your body and protect you from elements such as: rain, snow and wind.
First, wear a thin base layer made of synthetic fabrics to help wick sweat away from your skin. If it's very cold outside, wear an intermediate layer, such as fleece, for extra warmth. Then, add an outer layer to protect yourself from wind, snow and rain.

3. Choose bright colors

Bright clothes are the top for outdoor exercise. Not only is it colder in winter, it is also darker. Poor visibility from rain or overcast, dark skies makes it harder to see you, which poses a danger.

4. Protect your extremities

To prevent the ends from freezing, wear a hat or headband and gloves. You can always take them out and put them in your pocket if you get hot. All of these add-ons should be wool or synthetic, rather than cotton, to help keep sweat away from the skin.

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